Water-treatment by pulsed electrical discharge

o disinfect water and effluent, to perform advanced oxidation of pollutants, and to disintegrate sludge. Led by Riki Gafri (CEO) and Oren Gafri (Chairman) the company has developed an innovative pre-treatment disintegration system for anaerobic digestion of sludge.

Technological innovations of WADIS system includes:

1) Structure of the pulse generator – switching method, type of switches and cables, and rate of electrical discharge

2) Properties of the electrode cell (reactor): type of electrodes, their structure, material, number and arrangement in the reactor.


3) High energy efficiency and being environmentally friendly.

WADIS system is built within a container which directly connected to the WWTP pipes:

With the support of WaTech®, the water technology accelerator at Mekorot, WADIS is initiating two collaborative projects
with Mekorot.


1. Advanced oxidation of treated wastewater at the SHAFDAN R&D center

This study will be part of the EU AquaNES project under the Horizon 2020 program; both Mekorot and WADIS are partners in AquaNES. The broader project includes extensive collaboration with prominent European partners such as Xylem, Pentair, the Dutch KWR Institute, and others.
The project's overall goal is to examine and demonstrate various combinations of engineering, electromechanical processes with natural processes for treating wastewater effluents. Among the engineering processes used are biofiltration and AOP using hydrogen peroxide and ozonation. Natural processes applied include reinjection into the soil and short SAT (soil aquifer treatment).
Advanced oxidation treatment is designed to break down double bonds in the recalcitrant organic compounds present in treated wastewater, which improves biodegradability of the organic matter. The supplementary biological treatment takes place both by effluent circulation inside a biofilter, and at the reinjection phase (SAT).
The discharged pulse technology of WADIS creates radicals capable of breaking down recalcitrant organic matter, which makes the technology an alternative to advanced oxidation technologies (ozonation and hydrogen peroxide).
This project is designed as a comparative study of hydrogen peroxide and ozonation function versus WADIS technology.

2. Disintegrating secondary sludge at Karmiel WWTP
It may be possible to improve efficiency of anaerobic sludge digestion at WWTPs by implementing pre-treatments (before the digestion phase) that increase sludge biodegradability.
Preliminary tests conducted by WADIS have already explored the impact of their technology on sludge properties. In this project WADIS and Mekorot are taking the technology to the next step by assessing its impact on sludge digestion
utilizing a field test.
Accordingly, WADIS technology will be installed as a pre-treatment for a 2500 cubic meter digester. The pre-treated digester's performance will be compared to that of a similar size or larger un-treated digester.
We are largely interested in the discharged pulse treatment effect on the recalcitrant material, thus this treatment will only be applied on WAS (secondary sludge) which is the less degradable sludge.
Our assumption is that WADIS technology will tear apart the mycroorganisms that are to enter the digester, making the sludge very easy to be digested.
Applying this technology as pre-treatment to anaerobic degradation has the potential advantages of:
1. Reducing retention time in the reactor.
2. Increasing biogas output.
3. Reducing volume of sludge to be removed.

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